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Common Services we offer

tickAcura Alignment Service
tickAcura Brake Service
tickAcura Timing Belts Service
Common Services we offer
tickAcura Fluid Change Service
tickAcura Oil Change Service
tickMany More

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Acura Timing Belts Service

Acura Timing Belts Service

A vehicle's timing belt is located at the front end of the engine, and coordinates the rotation of the camshaft and crankshaft. It synchronizes the opening and closing time of the engine valves to ensure that they do not come into contact with the cylinder pistons. The timing belt itself is a relatively simple part; it's made from synthetic rubber, and reinforced with high strength fibers. The outside surface of the belt is smooth, with teeth on the inside surface which slot into the sprockets at the ends of the camshaft and crankshaft. On some engines, the timing belt also powers the water and oil pumps.

While the timing belt is a relatively inexpensive replacement part, it can be quite time consuming and labor intensive to replace, owing to its location and the need to disassemble and reassemble the engine compartment. It is often a good idea to replace the water pump at the same time as the timing belt, as this is the most cost effective time to do so.

Each Acura model has a recommended replacement interval for the timing belt depending on the type of engine. Typically it's between every 60,000 to 90,000 miles, depending on the model. It's important to have the belt replaced at the recommended interval, as a failure of the timing belt can cause serious damage to the engine that will make the cost of replacing the belt pale in comparison. If the belt fails or snaps, the car will not work anymore and the resulting engine damage could range from bent valves, to the need to replace the cylinder head, block, pistons, connecting rods and crankshaft.

The timing belt is an essential part of your engine, and only Acura Genuine or approved timing belts are specifically designed for your vehicle. They are:

tickExtremely durable, quiet and wear resistant.
tickExtremely resistant to heat and moisture.
tickReinforced with synthetic fibers and high-strength glass.
tickDesigned to operate in extreme weather conditions, from scorching engine heat to arctic cold.

When installed at Karen Radley Acura, your timing belt will be covered by Acura's 1 year Replacement Parts Limited Warranty, covering both parts and labor.

Professionally installed, and coupled with an Acura approved tensioner, optimal belt tension will be maintained at all times. This will in-turn allow for precision engine tuning and ensure a durable service life. Use of a non-approved timing belt on your Acura can lead to imprecise engine timing, resulting in increased fuel consumption and emissions.

Contact one of Karen Radley Acura's friendly Service Advisors for more information. We look forward to being of service.

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Acura Fluid Change Service

Why you should periodically flush and replace your car's fluids

The majority of vehicle owners are aware of the importance of regular oil changes to ensure the reliability, smooth operation, safety and longevity of the car's engine. However, as with most cars, your Acura works with the help of a number of other fluids that are no less essential and also require periodic change. Since most of these fluids last longer than the engine oil, the need to periodically change them can sometimes be overlooked, and this can compromise the vehicle's safety as well as lead to expensive component repairs if neglected for too long.

The fluids in question are the:

tickBrake fluid;
tickPower steering fluid;
tickTransmission fluid;
tickRadiator coolant; and in some cases
tickDifferential and transfer case lubricants.

Although your Acura's user manual includes recommended fluids and filter change service intervals, these intervals may vary depending on driving conditions and the environment. Factors such as towing, frequent driving on dusty dirt roads, or when outside temperatures are below freezing, will reduce some of the fluid change intervals.

Now let's look at each of these fluids in turn to understand what they do, and to get an idea of the service interval recommended for each.

Automatic Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid serves several vital functions. It lubricates the moving parts inside your vehicle's transmission and absorbs operational heat for transfer to the oil cooler. It also provides the hydraulic pressure required for the transmission to operate. In addition to this, it collects residues and debris, and carries them to the transmission fluid filter. Over time, both the fluid and the filter become dirty, and the lubrication, cleaning and cooling properties of the fluid degrade. This leads to increased wear of transmission components and, if left unchecked, will ultimately lead to transmission failure.

While transmission fluids can last up to 60,000 miles, shorter service intervals may be necessary depending on the driving conditions of the vehicle. If the car is used mainly for short trips, city driving, trailer hauling, driving in a dusty environment or when outside temperatures are below zero, then a transmission fluid change should be performed more often, say every 30-40,000 miles. It's simply good prevention, and will extend the life of the vehicle's automatic transmission by ensuring that the shaft bearings and synchros are adequately lubricated at all times. The cost of a fluid flush is minimal compared to the need to recondition or rebuild the vehicle's transmission.

Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is a hydraulic fluid that is pumped through a vehicle's brake system and generates the pressure needed to apply the brake pads and shoes to discs and wheel drums respectively. Brake fluid is hygroscopic, which means that it is designed to absorb and retain moisture. As many brake components are made of metal, this moisture absorption quality is necessary to prevent corrosion and possible brake component failures.

However, as moisture is absorbed and retained, it lowers the boiling point of the brake fluid. Clean brake fluid is designed to withstand temperatures up to 450° F (230° C) before boiling; however, the water contained in the fluid may start to boil at 212° F (100° C). High heat levels are generated during braking, especially during frequent or heavy braking. If the brake fluid is taken above its boiling point, it may generate vapor bubbles and potentially cause brake failure.

Further, in addition to the safety risk outlined, the brake fluid's acidity level rises as it ages and absorbs moisture, and this can lead to accelerated corrosion of costly brake system components.

There is generally no specific service interval for brake fluid replacement, as the interval will vary depending on driving conditions and other factors. Instead, the vehicle's brake fluid should simply be visually inspected at each oil change. If it has turned black or contains rust sediment, then it's advisable to replace the fluid. Unless advised to do so sooner, to maintain optimum brake and cylinder health, a brake fluid flush is best performed once every two years.

Power Steering Fluid

As with brake and transmission fluid, power steering fluid generates the hydraulic pressure needed to operate the steering gear. The power steering components include a fluid reservoir, pump, lines, and the power steering mechanism.

There is no set service interval for power steering fluid replacement. However, a visual inspection of the fluid at each service interval is a good idea. When needed, a fluid flush and replacement will prolong the life of the pump and the power steering system. A fluid inspection may also forewarn of potential problems with the power steering components. Dark fluid is indicative of overheating, while fine metal particles in the fluid can be an indication of steering gear or pump wear.

Radiator Coolant

Coolant should generally be added to the radiator at a 50/50 ratio with water. The fluid is designed to absorb and transport heat from the engine to the radiator for cooling, prior to being recirculated. Adding coolant to your radiator water increases the boiling point and heat transfer properties of the fluid, and lowers its freezing point, which is why it is also known as "antifreeze." Besides expanding temperature tolerance of your radiator fluid, coolant also lubricates the water pump and contains anti-corrosion agents to inhibit rust and scale formation.

The coolant's chemical properties will degrade over time, so it's a good idea to flush and replace your radiator fluid every 25,000 miles or so, or once every two years. Maintaining clean and effective radiator fluid will ensure optimal heat transfer and anti-freeze ability, will keep the radiator free of residue buildup so it can dissipate heat more effectively, and will maximize the lifespan of the water pump.

Differential and transfer case lubricants

These fluids are generally only relevant for rear wheel drive and some four wheel drive vehicles. Differentials are used to rotate the axles that power the wheels. On certain four-wheel drive vehicles, the transfer case acts as a secondary gearbox to toggle between high and low range drive modes.

Both transfer cases and differentials house lubricating fluid. There is usually no set maintenance schedule for these fluids, and it generally won't be necessary to flush and replace them unless a problem is identified. If your car comes equipped with a differential or transfer case, it's a good idea to simply have the fluids visually inspected when having your car serviced.

tickFluid that contains fine metallic flakes can be indicative of internal wear
tickMilky colored fluid indicates water contamination. The moisture source will need to be located and repaired, and the fluid replaced.
tickBlack colored fluid suggests that overheating is occurring, and the cause of this should be investigated.

At Karen Radley Acura, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that only the appropriate Acura approved fluids for your vehicle will be used. When you next book your vehicle in for service, ask your Karen Radley Acura Service Advisor to include a check on the health of your car's fluids, to ensure these are covered in your service report. We look forward to being of service.

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Acura Oil Change Service

Acura Oil Change Service

The importance of regular oil changes

Periodic oil changes are a critical part of vehicle maintenance and one of the key habits that all Acura owners should follow to preserve the health and longevity of their car.

Dirty oil can meaningfully reduce engine life and can lead to severe damage. Engines are made up of a multitude of metallic moving parts, and the clearances between these can be a little as .0010". Clean oil draws heat away, and prevents these parts from coming into contact with each other. A degree of wear occurs whenever two metallic parts makes contact with each other. This wear can be reduced when there is adequate, clean, high-quality lubricant to diminish friction, heat build-up, and to remove combustion residues.

Putting off a scheduled oil change is one of the most detrimental things an owner can do to his or her engine. With the passage of time, use, and temperature changes, your motor oil's essential properties will degrade. Residues will begin to accumulate within the oil causing it to thicken, which will hasten the wear on the engine's components as parts move against one another. Particularly during the warm-up phase, engine moisture, burnt and unburned fuel gases end up within the motor oil. Over time these impurities degrade the oil's properties and hinder its ability to lubricate the engine.

Modern synthetic oils also contain numerous additives. These include detergents to remove engine residues for transfer to the oil filter, as well as anti-foaming and anti-corrosion agents. These additives lose their effectiveness over time, and as they do, engine parts can become coated with burnt oil and sludge can accumulate at the bottom of the engine. The amount of brown coating on internal engine parts makes it easy for service technicians to see whether the owner is changing their oil on schedule or not.

Acura Oil Change Intervals

Acura Oil Change Intervals

Your Acura's user manual will specify the recommended oil change interval for your vehicle. The interval will vary depending on your driving conditions: "normal service" or "severe service". Oil change intervals are listed by both time and distance, and trigger based upon which of these metrics is reached first.

Your driving style, environment, and the climate where you live will all have a bearing on how rapidly your oil will degrade and need replacing. Highway driving is less demanding compared to high traffic city driving. Driving in colder climates is more demanding and will decrease effective oil life. Read the descriptions in your Acura owner's manual for "normal service" and "severe service" to see which one applies to you, or simply ask one of our Service Advisors.

Acura Oil Change Intervals

Modern Acura engine designs are highly advanced. The fuel injection system and engine components are manufactured with specific alloys to precise tolerances in order to meet target requirements for performance, reliability and longevity.

For this reason, Acura recommends the use of Honda Genuine oils, as these are designed for optimum performance and compatibility with your Acura engine. Honda Genuine oils also carry the "Starburst" certification symbol. "Starburst" certifies that the oil meets the performance parameters set by the automotive and oil industries, and that it provides optimal wear and sludge protection.

At Karen Radley Acura, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that only the correct Acura approved oil for your vehicle will be used. To book in your vehicle for an oil change, or if you are unsure as to when your next oil change interval is due, contact one of our friendly Service Advisors. We look forward to being of service.

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Schedule Maintenance

Schedule Maintenance

The importance of maintaining your Acura's service schedule

Keeping up with Acura's factory-recommended maintenance schedule is the best way to safeguard the longevity and value of your vehicle, and to ensure it is running in optimal condition. Your vehicle's service intervals have been set by Acura's engineers for a reason. They aim to protect your engine and structural systems from premature wear, to make sure your vehicle maintains peak operating condition, and to preserve your Acura's financial value. Avoiding scheduled tune-ups and fluid changes will lead to elevated operational wear and tear, which can in turn evolve into component and engine problems, and result in significant repair bills.

Whilst delaying a scheduled service may save you a few dollars in the short-term, it will cost more in the long run due to the ensuing premature wear to your vehicle's components.

Other reasons to service your Acura on schedule

If you've purchased a new Acura within the past 4 years, your vehicle will be covered by Acura's standard bumper-to-bumper limited warranty for the first 50,000 miles. Alternatively, if you've purchased an Acura Certified Pre-Owned vehicle within the past 12 months, your vehicle will be covered by a Certified Limited Warranty for up to 12,000 miles.

Under certain conditions however, aspects of your vehicle's warranty may become invalidated if the service schedule is not maintained, or if your car is serviced by an auto-mechanic using unauthorized aftermarket parts or fluids, and where the work can be shown to have caused or contributed to the malfunction.

Besides maintaining your vehicle's reliability and longevity, keeping up with Acura's recommended maintenance schedule will establish a complete and thorough service history. Should you later wish to sell or trade your vehicle, your fully documented service history will become an asset. Whether you are selling back to a dealer or to a private buyer, a consistent service history that shows that scheduled maintenance been performed on time and at an Acura approved service facility, will boost your vehicle's resale value. Buyers usually have greater confidence purchasing a vehicle that comes with consistent dealer servicing throughout its history.

Only use factory-trained Acura technicians

Unlike vehicles that were manufactured ten or more years ago, a modern Acura is brimming with high-tech integrated componentry. In the past, experienced auto mechanics had the competency to work on most makes and types of cars. This is no longer necessarily the case due to advancing technology.

These days, most manufacturers deliver factory-certified service technician training for each model in their range. For the most part, this training is only available to authorized dealer service centers and manufacturer accredited service facilities. At Karen Radley Acura, all of our technicians are factory-certified and attend ongoing Acura factory-training. Our service facility is equipped with the latest Acura approved diagnostic tools, equipment and parts for each model.

Proprietary Acura information on diagnosis and repair is available to our service technicians, but not available to non-certified service agents. Moreover, as our technicians work primarily on Acura models, they are able to diagnose potential issues and problems more quickly and accurately thanks to their experience and familiarity with Acura. This can minimize the chance of problems developing over time, and the faster diagnosis can translate into immediate cost savings for Acura owners.

peace of mind

At Karen Radley Acura you will have the
peace of mind of knowing that:

tickOnly Acura Genuine or Acura approved parts, accessories, oils and fluids will be used on your vehicle. Only these Acura approved items meet the quality and engineering standards for your model;

tickYou will be covered by a full 1 year Replacement Parts Limited Warranty, or 3 year / 36,000 mile nationwide Re-manufactured Parts Limited Warranty, on both the parts and labor. This is redeemable at any approved Acura service facility nationwide;

tickif your vehicle is subject to any Recalls or Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs), you will be advised and we will perform the repair free of charge. Unless an independent repair shop subscribes to a service such as AllData or Mitchell1 ProDemand, they may not be informed of Acura TSB or recall notifications;

tickYour vehicle's service record will be consistently maintained, enabling our technicians to have a better knowledge what is going on with your car, and what might be coming up for inspection or replacement.

Where can I find my vehicle's service schedule?

You can find Acura's factory-recommended maintenance schedule in the manual that came with your Acura.

Alternatively, you can navigate to the Karen Radley Acura website and look for the "Service and Parts" menu item. Under that menu, click the "Schedule Service" option in the drop down-list. From here you have several options depending on whether you have a registered login or your details are recorded in our system or not. If not, just pick the "I'm New Here" option, select your Acura's year, model, trim, driving condition ("normal service" or "severe service"), and enter your mileage. Then simply click "More Detail" on the options shown.

Or to make it even easier, with your vehicle details and mileage handy, simply call our service department on 888-721-2876.

At Karen Radley Acura, we aim to earn your loyalty by providing exceptional service support during the life of your vehicle. Our goal is to foster a long-term relationship with our customers. To that end, we operate a top of the line service department with highly competitive pricing.

Karen Radley Acura's service center is a core component in our dealership's overall success strategy. For answers to any questions you may have, or to book in your vehicle, simply call and speak with one of our friendly Service Advisors. We look forward to being of service. th Acura. This can minimize the chance of problems developing over time, and the faster diagnosis can translate into immediate cost savings for Acura owners.

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Schedule Maintenance

The benefits of servicing your car at an Acura dealership

Your car is a part of your daily life. You need to know that you can count on it when you need it, and who you entrust your vehicle to for servicing and repairs has a real bearing on this. Your choices include the service center at an Acura-Certified dealership; a local independent specializing in Acura; a national repair chain such as Meineke or Midas; or a smaller non-manufacturer specific repair shop.

There are advantages and disadvantages with each option. A common perception is that an independent will be more cost effective than a dealership, as well as possibly closer and easier to get to. The perceived savings of choosing an independent can be misleading however, as there are many less evident factors that Acura owners need to take into consideration. Whilst an independent may provide a lower quote for a given job, there is often a difference in expertise and parts quality, and therefore a higher risk of unsuitable workmanship.

There are many compelling reasons to entrust Karen Radley Acura with the service and repair of your Acura, one of which being that we are very competitively priced. To enable Acura owners to make a properly informed decision, let's take a look at some of the advantages of dealer servicing.

Technical Expertise and Maintenance of Warranty Coverage

The modern Acura incorporates a lot of high technology. This technology makes it centrally important that the service technicians be comprehensively trained, properly equipped and knowledgeable about the models that they work on.

All of our service technicians are Factory-Trained by Acura, and our service center is equipped with the most recent and advanced Acura approved diagnostic tools and equipment for each model.

The training standards offered by manufacturers are extremely high. We invest into ongoing Acura certified training for all our technicians as well as our service support personnel, from our service manager down to our service advisors. This ensures that you will always receive complete, factual and current advice on the service and repair needs of your vehicle. Acura certified training is only made available to their authorized service agents.

Our service technicians are privy to proprietary Acura model specific instruction on diagnosis and repair that is unavailable to non-authorized mechanics. Further, as our service team does most of its work on the models carried and sold by the dealership, our technicians gain familiarity through experience and are likely to be able to diagnose potential issues and problems in less time, and with greater accuracy. This can result in immediate cost savings for Acura owners, and can also minimize the possibility of problems developing over time.

Also, if your Acura is still under its factory limited warranty, improper maintenance, alterations or repairs performed by a mechanic who is not factory-trained by Acura, may impair your warranty coverage if the work can be shown to have caused or contributed to the malfunction.

Original Equipment Parts

As an authorized Acura service center, we only use Acura Genuine Parts or Acura approved parts and accessories. You can rest easy in the knowledge that anything that goes in or on your vehicle has been designed specifically for your Acura model. These approved parts are the only ones that meet Acura's quality and engineering standards for your vehicle, and they include a full 1 year replacement warranty on both the parts and labor with nationwide coverage when installed at an authorized Acura service center.

There are risks to using parts that have not been specifically engineered for your Acura. Unless you request from an independent mechanic that they use only Acura Genuine Parts on your car, many will use lower cost aftermarket parts. These usually do not measure up to Acura's quality standards, and will not normally come with a comparable level of parts and labor warranty coverage. In addition, some independents may install refurbished parts or acquire parts from a junkyard, both of which are unlikely to last as long. Servicing and repairing your vehicle at Karen Radley Acura protects you from these potential pitfalls.

We stock most of the parts required for common repairs, which will save you time and possible freight charges which an independent might pass on to you to procure the needed parts. Acura Genuine Parts are built to last, and will ensure that your Acura remains an Acura.

Guaranteed Parts & Labor

Whether your Acura requires work under or outside of its factory limited warranty, we can offer a greater level of cover on both parts and workmanship than independent service shops. Our cover is valid nationally, giving you access to approved Acura service centers nationwide. Should you encounter any issues with work performed while you are away from home, all you need do is take your car to the nearest Acura dealership service center in your immediate area to have the issue corrected at no charge.

Whilst independent service shops also offer different levels of parts and labor warranties, should a problem manifest itself interstate or at distance from your repair shop, you might be unable to make use of your warranty. In addition, smaller repair shops often levy a supplementary insurance fee if you want warranty coverage on both the parts and labor.

Guaranteed Parts & Labor

Recalls and Technical Service Bulletins

Occasionally, manufacturers become aware of issues with a particular model that were not known when the model was initially released and sold. The cost of correcting such issues is usually borne by the manufacturer. This can be the case even after a new car's factory warranty has expired.

Acura dealership service centers are informed of such issues by way of Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) that are released by the manufacturer. When you bring your vehicle in for servicing, if there is a TSB which pertains to your Acura model and the problem has not yet been rectified on your vehicle, we will perform the modification or repair at no charge at the time of service.

Manufacturer model recalls relate to more critical issues, possibly safety related. When a recall is issued, the manufacturer will endeavor to post a letter of notification to owners to request that they bring their vehicle in to an Acura dealership service center so the issue can be remedied at the maker's expense. If you have changed your address since buying your car, or have purchased a used model from a private seller, the manufacturer might not have a record of your address on file. Irrespective of your situation, Karen Radley Acura service center personnel will be able to inform you if a recall is in effect on your year and model, as well as rectify the problem when you drop your car in for service.

Independent service garages may not be abreast of Acura related TSB or recall information. They would need to be subscribed to a paid notification service such as Mitchell1 ProDemand or AllData in order to obtain monthly TSB and recall information from manufacturers. As these are paid subscription services, many smaller garages do not sign up for them. In addition, most repairs identified would need to be performed at an Acura authorized service center in order to remain free of charge.

Vehicle History

By choosing an Acura authorized service facility for all repairs and maintenance to your vehicle, you can be confident of maintaining a complete, fully documented service history for your car. Your vehicle's record keeping will be consistent, and you will have the peace of mind of knowing that only Acura Genuine and Acura Genuine Remanufactured parts have been used on your car. This is an important advantage should you later wish to sell or trade your Acura, whether back to a dealership or privately, as it will often increase your vehicle's resale value. Buyers are usually more confident purchasing a vehicle that comes with a history of consistent dealer servicing.

Uniform in-house record keeping will also assist our technicians to better understand what is going on with your vehicle, and to determine what is coming due for replacement or inspection. On the flip side, a lack of uniform record keeping might put you at risk of potentially imprecise diagnostic information from independent mechanics.

Vehicle History

Loan Vehicles and Shuttle Service

Whether you live or work in Woodbridge, DC, Burke, Manassas, Fairfax, Lorton, or Stafford, we might be able to offer you one of our courtesy loan vehicles to use while your vehicle is being maintained at our service center. Alternatively, we also offer a shuttle service to the VRE and Potomac Mills. Simply ask our Service Advisor what is available when you call us to book in your vehicle.

Performance Customizations

Some Acura owners might be interested in upgrading or customizing their vehicle with performance modifications. If your Acura is still under its factory warranty, please be aware that some improvements may compromise your vehicle's manufacturer guarantee. It's best to inquire with us first, as an Acura approved performance upgrade kit may be available for your model that won't impair your warranty.


Karen Radley Acura's service center is designed to cater to your needs as much as it is to your vehicle. Our waiting room is modern and well-appointed, and our bathrooms are always clean. We have refreshments available, as well as our own WiFi network which you can access. Have a coffee, watch TV or catch up on some reading as you relax and await your vehicle.

Alternatively, you can browse through the lineup of optional upgrades on display in our accessories shop. And at any time, feel free to seek advice or answers to any questions you may have from our experienced and friendly Service Advisors.

Servicing your vehicle at our facilities also entitles you to a complimentary car wash. Once the work on your vehicle is complete, it will be returned to you not only professionally serviced and repaired, but also squeaky clean.

At Karen Radley Acura, our Service Advisors strive to deliver a pleasant and enhanced customer service experience. We seek to furnish a level of personal service that is equal, or better, to what a small independent might offer. To that end, all of our Service Advisors attend ongoing Acura product training so that they are able to deliver a high level of expertise and advice, the same as you would expect if you were speaking with the technician directly.

By delivering first class service support throughout the life of your vehicle, our aim is to satisfy your needs as an Acura owner and to earn your loyalty. With the goal of fostering a long-term customer relationship, operating a top of the line service department is a core component within Karen Radley Acura's overall success strategy.

Get in touch with one of our friendly Service Advisors for more information. We look forward to being of service.

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