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When Your Vehicle Needs Wheel Alignment Service, Visit Karen Radley Acura in Woodbridge, VA

Your Acura is designed to deliver remarkable comfort and an enjoyable drive, and properly aligned wheels are a key part of this. When your Acura was first crafted, its wheels were perfectly aligned, but this can change over time. If the wheels become misaligned, you should come to Karen Radley Acura to have an alignment service performed. Find out more about this service, and then come to Karen Radley Acura, serving Dale City and Mont Clair from our location in Woodbridge.

Types of Wheel Alignment Service at Karen Radley Acura

Two-Wheel Alignment

Two-Wheel Alignment

If you drive an Acura with two-wheel drive, it generally needs only two-wheel alignment. When you bring your Acura to Karen Radley Acura for a two-wheel alignment, our technicians will check the wheels' camber, toe, and caster angles on the drive axle. If the angles are not correctly lined up according to the factory-specified settings, our technicians will make the necessary adjustments.

All-Wheel Alignment

All-Wheel Alignment

If your Acura has all-wheel-drive, it will need all-wheel alignment. This is the same general service as two-wheel alignment, but we check and adjust the alignment on all four wheels.

What Causes Misaligned Wheels?

There are many things that could cause your vehicle's wheels to fall out of alignment. Larger jolts, like getting in an accident or hitting a big pothole, are common culprits. However, the wheels can also become misaligned over time, as you drive down the road. Small bumps and jolts can add up, making the wheels become slowly misaligned. This kind of misalignment can be harder to notice at first, which is why we recommend having alignment inspections performed regularly.

What Are Signs of Misaligned Wheels?

If you think your wheels may be misaligned, you can try to test it by going to a safe and level straightaway, like an empty parking lot, and let go of your steering wheel to see if your vehicle pulls to one side or another. This is a good way to spot largely misaligned wheels, but smaller misalignment can still be missed this way. This is why it's best to have the alignment checked regularly. Failing to do so can lead to another sign of misaligned wheels: tires that wear down unevenly.

Certified Acura Alignment Service

Schedule Wheel Alignment Service at Karen Radley Acura, Serving Lorton and Newington, VA

When you're ready to bring your Acura in for wheel alignment service, we invite you to visit us at the Karen Radley Acura service center. Schedule your service appointment online, and then come to Karen Radley Acura.


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