Used Luxury Cars Under $20,000 Washington DC

Used Luxury Cars Under $20,000 Washington DC

When you live near the DC area, it can be nice to have a luxurious and sophisticated vehicle to get around in. At Karen Radley Acura, we can help with that, especially if you’re looking to keep things on a tight budget. That’s because we strive to keep a healthy selection of used luxury cars priced under $20,000 for drivers that we serve near Washington DC.

Despite the myth, you don’t need bags full of money to purchase an upscale vehicle… You simply need to know where to shop for one. That’s where Karen Radley comes in. With our large selection of affordable vehicles, you’re bound to find a luxury model that suits your needs without breaking the bank to take it home.

What You Get When You Buy Pre-Owned From Karen Radley Acura


Now, we love selling our pre-owned vehicles at surprisingly affordable prices, but that really isn’t enough for us. We want to make sure that your experience at Karen Radley Acura continues well after you’ve driven the vehicle home.


That’s why we take good care of you through our VIP Rewards. Even if you do only spend under $20,000 on a used luxury model here at our dealership, you’re eligible to receive these rewards, as they apply to any pre-owned vehicle purchase. As a thank you for buying from us, you receive 4 years (or 48,000 miles) of oil and filter changes. On top of that, you’ll get tire rotations, alignment check inspections, 15 percent off accessories and more.


To learn more about why it pays to buy from Karen Radley Acura, in addition to the simple fact that you can find so many used luxury cars under $20,000, come see us at our location near the Washington DC area. You can also feel free to give us a call or browse our inventory online.

Interested in a used luxury car under $20,000?

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