Acura Scheduled Maintenance Washington D.C.

Acura Scheduled Maintenance Washington D.C.

We’ve all heard the phrase, “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” It sounds good in theory, as if attempting to fix something will only lead to creating issues that never existed, but in practice this rarely ends up playing out as good advice. If you don’t know you have a health issue, it doesn’t mean one isn’t secretly lurking inside of you, getting worse as you fail to check into it. In the same way, your automobile won’t always let you know that something is going wrong with a noise or odd vibration.

In order to keep your Acura in top condition, a clear maintenance schedule has been provided by the manufacturer to help you prevent wear before it even happens. If you keep up with your Acura scheduled maintenance, you just may find that you’re never in a position to need to fix your car, as both parts and fluids are replaced before any major issues can even build up. Typically, once one part goes, it can lead to the wear and tear of others, sometimes leading to catastrophic failures.

Acura Online Scheduling

Online Scheduling

One of the least convenient things about scheduling an appointment is remembering to do it. Many people don’t want to make a phone call in the first place, and sometimes you only remember when the dealership is closed. You can schedule an appointment any time using our online scheduler.


Acura Service Records

Service Records

When was the last time you had your air filter replaced, and how do you know when you need to get your brake pads replaced again? If you bring your vehicle to Karen Radley Acura, we’ll be sure to keep a full record of your service history so you never miss your scheduled maintenance.


Acura Maintenance Menu

Maintenance Menu

What, exactly, needs to be done at each maintenance appointment? You’ll never be left in the dark when you visit Karen Radley Acura. We offer a complete list of scheduled maintenance based specifically on the year, model and mileage of your Acura, so you know what happens when you stop in.

What happens if you ignore Acura maintenance?

Modern cars are tough pieces of machinery, and many modern drivers base their trust in a brand on how long any given vehicle can last with limited service. If you ignore maintenance, it could take you years before anything truly awful happens, but these things often have a domino effect. Take your typical oil change. If you let your oil get to the point where it is thick and sludge-like, suddenly you find it is building up debris in your engine an it’s a whole mess to clean up. Letting your oil completely run out is an even bigger problem, as without lubrication, things can entirely seize up.

These are worst case scenarios, of course, but it proves the point that simple maintenance prevents major repairs in the long run. Your least expensive parts are always the first to go and require the most attention, but they can be something of a gateway. You very likely won’t hear, smell or see a problem until you have a serious repair on your hands.

To take the best care of your Acura, stop by our service center here at Karen Radley Acura for your regular scheduled maintenance. We’re proud to help drivers from Tysons Corner, Vienna, Lorton, Springfield, Manassas and Washington DC.

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