Acura models with AcuraLink Washington D.C.

Remember when you used to visit your auto shop every three months, like clockwork, to get an oil change? It might seem like vehicles are more complicated than ever, but part of this is because systems are designed to monitor more, too. This means your oil changes come only when you need them, your tire pressure will never get unsafely low because there are helpful warnings and you’ll even be alerted when you’re low on gas long before you find yourself stranded.

Maybe a road trip isn’t as exciting with AcuraLink, but a breakdown isn’t the sort of excitement you want in your life. That’s why Washington D.C. area drivers find that all new Acura models now come equipped with AcuraLink. So what is it and how is it a benefit to you? Essentially, it’s monitoring software that can be accessed through an app on your smartphone, so you always are in the know when it comes to your vehicle’s status.

Front end of red 2018 Acura RLX

Beat Traffic

Until autonomous technology makes it to market, we’re going to find ourselves stuck at times. We know this to be true in Washington D.C. especially, and it can be a drain on your energy and a frustrating waste of time. Fortunately, AcuraLink offers live traffic options in the Connect and Premium packages to help you avoid those “highway parking lot” situations.


Rear end of blue 2018 Acura ILX

Recall alerts

The best way to see your Acura last is to stay up with maintenance, but what if you don’t know anything is wrong? If a recall is sent out on your vehicle, you’ll get a notification so you can stop in and get a needed repair as soon as possible. You’ll also have access to your owner’s manual, roadside assistance and vehicle status information, such as fuel levels.


Interior of 2018 Acura TLX

Remote access

When it comes right down to it, AcuraLink turns your smartphone into a hub of information on your vehicle. You can remotely unlock and lock doors, send directions to your built-in navigation system, locate your vehicle and more. From checking the pressure in your tires to knowing how much life is left in your oil down to a percentage, AcuraLink is there to help.

How much does AcuraLink cost?

AcuraLink currently comes in three available packages: Basic, Connect and Premium. We’re happy to announce that the Basic features, which includes your owner’s manual, recall notifications, in-app service scheduling and access to roadside assistance, is free.

The Connect package includes everything from automatic collision notification, to sending destination instructions to your system, remote unlocking your car and much more. Prices vary depending on the number of years you wish to enroll, with the best prices offered to those who make a four year or longer commitment to the services. To help you decide, new Acura models offer a 90-day trial so you can try it before you buy it.

What about the Premium package? It offers all the features found with Connect, but adds on a Personal Concierge to help set up reservations at hotels, restaurants and local airports right from your car. You can also have a live agent send directions to your navigation system. The pricing structure is similar to how the Connect package functions. For current pricing, contact us here at Karen Radley Acura.