Acura Model Comparisons

Front passenger angle of a blue Acura ILX driving down a road

Acura ILX

It may be the most compact vehicles in the Acura lineup, but the ILX is big on features. This sedan proves itself to be a fun and energized option when it comes to performance, but it’s perfectly suited for everyday driving adventures.

2020 ILX vs 2 Series
2020 ILX vs A3

Front passenger angle of a silver 2020 Acura MDX driving down a road

Acura MDX

How does the Acura MDX fair against the competition? We think you’ll find this SUV can hold its own against some of the stiffest competition the automotive world has to offer. While exhibiting a flair of style and performance.

2020 MDX vs RX 350
2020 MDX vs QX60

2018 MDX vs XC90

2018 MDX vs Q7
Front passenger angle of a red 2020 Acura RDX driving on a bridge

Acura RDX

Robust doesn’t begin to describe the Acura RDX. This luxury crossover is the perfect option for growing families, but without an ounce of compromise. Powerful, easy to maneuver and offering the height of comfort, it’s difficult to beat.

2020 RDX vs X3
2020 RDX vs XC60
2020 RDX vs Q3
2020 RDX vs Q5
2019 RDX vs QX50
Front passenger angle of a black Acura RLX with a bridge and city in the background

Acura RLX

When you want the best of the best in a sedan, you can’t help but find yourself considering the Acura RLX. This model is the most impressive when it comes to premium features and a quality build, plus it has a hybrid option.

2018 RLX P-AWS vs 2018 RLX Sport Hybrid SH-AWD

Front driver angle of a blue Acura TLX driving down a snowy road

Acura TLX

It’s easy to fall in love with the driving dynamic of the Acura TLX. This vehicle may fall into the midsize category, but it’s far from the middle of the pack when it comes to both performance, options, driving dynamics and standard features.