Acura Maintenance Minder Codes

Acura Maintenance Minder Codes

Many drivers are used to checking their maintenance schedule in their owner’s manual, but if you get a new Acura, you might be surprised to find it missing. Why is that? Because Acura has done something different. Rather than a strict maintenance schedule based on timing or miles, your new Acura has an advanced on-board system that monitors your model’s key information to let you know when maintenance is truly necessary. It’s a convenient feature, but you might be wondering what the Acura Maintenance Minder Codes mean if you aren’t already familiar. Here at Karen Radley Acura, your Washington D.C. and northern Virginia Acura dealership, we have answers to all your frequently asked questions. Whether you drive an Acura MDX, ILX, TLX, RDX, RLX or NSX, here’s what you need to know.

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A, B and Sub Codes for Acura Maintenance Minder



15% Oil has 15% oil life remaining
5% Oil has 5% life remaining
0% You are overdue for an oil change
A (Main Code) Oil change is due
B (Main Code) Due for oil and filter change, tire rotation, brake inspection, parking brake adjustment and other necessary inspections
1 (Sub Code) Tire Rotation
2 (Sub Code) Check drive belt, air filters, air cleaner element
3 (Sub Code) Replace transmission and transfer fluid
4 (Sub Code) Replace spark plugs and timing belt; inspect water pump and valve clearance
5 (Sub Code) Replace engine coolant
6 (Sub Code) Replace rear differential fluid

How to interpret your Acura Maintenance Minder Codes

In the table, you’ll notice there are percentages, letters and numbers. You’ll always see a percentage that shows you the life left in your engine oil. Whenever it is time for service, you’ll also see a Main Code, A or B, that lets you know whether it is just an oil change, or a more advanced service. Oil changes are now based on user data, but other services are typically still based on time or mileage.

What this means for you is that you’ll see a Sub Code typically in conjunction with your oil change. This is in recognition of how inconvenient it can be to come in for an oil change, only to find you need a tire rotation 1,000 miles later. Instead, the system would move up your tire rotation, showing you an A1 signal so you know that both will be attended to when you come in for service.

Acura Maintenance Minder Codes are all about convenience and getting the most out of your vehicle. Rather than spending money on oil based on a strict timeline, the system monitors oil life so you can come in when your vehicle truly needs service.

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