Can you be ticketed for parking in your own driveway?

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Weirdest driving laws in Washington D.C.

We like to think all laws are created with good intentions, but some of them are just bizarre. Which got us wondering: What are the weirdest driving laws in Washington D.C.? We found plenty of strange things along the way that are unrelated to driving (No dancing for more than 12 hours in any 24-hour period?) and some were just myths (a man doesn’t need to carry a red flag in front of your car). Here are the ones that seem to be true.

Laws that may or may not be enforced in MarylandFront of  house on a sunny day

Ticket for parking in your driveway: We haven’t seen any recent news story for this, so maybe they have let up on the rule. Essentially, the land in front of your house was considered private property that is reserved for public use. In essence, it’s on the same level as the sidewalks. There were reports of ticketed parties receiving an offer to lease their own driveways to not receive parking tickets.

FAQs: What are the oval bumper stickers with the letters?

You can spit in the road, but not the sidewalk: We get it, people walk there. At the same time, the idea of simply stepping to the curb and spitting seems a bit silly. This one may be restricted to Baltimore, but we wouldn’t risk it. It also seems that Baltimore has most of the craziest laws in the state.

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For the most part, it turns out that the laws in Washington D.C. aren’t too far out there, although they can be very strict. Parking is difficult and expensive, and the traffic is naturally intense.

Another law you might not be aware of in Virginia is that you are supposed to honk when passing a vehicle. Try that and you’ll likely get some angry stares.

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