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The importance of performing periodic wheel alignments

There are a number of reasons why you want to keep all four wheels on your Acura in good alignment. Besides adding to the safety of the vehicle and its occupants, maintaining proper wheel alignment will save you money over time.

Higher safety: Poorly aligned wheels lead to uneven tire wear which can reduce vehicle control, especially when driving on wet or icy roads, or at a time of evasive maneuvering or heavy braking. Poor alignment can also cause your Acura to pull to one side or another, which can increase driver fatigue and diminish your control and handling of the car. Properly aligned wheels make for more effortless and pleasurable driving. It minimizes the chance of your vehicle veering left or right during heavy braking, or should become distracted and remove your hands from the wheel. In summary, correctly aligned wheels add to your on-road safety.

Improved fuel economy: Incorrectly aligned wheels will lead to uneven pressure being applied to your car tires. It can cause them to push against each other, which generates greater road surface resistance, and increases the fuel consumption required to drive. Correctly aligned wheels experience less drag, which increases your vehicle's fuel efficiency.

Reduced tire wear: When your wheels are properly aligned, your tires will wear evenly over time. By contrast, improper alignment will accelerate wear to one side of the tire, thereby reducing its lifespan. To get the most mileage from your tires, add a periodic wheel alignment to your vehicle's service schedule.

Reduced vehicle wear: Your Acura is a finely balanced machine. Incorrect wheel alignment and uneven tire wear can impose added strain to your car's suspension, steering and braking systems, possibly shortening the expected lifespan of the components within these systems.

What causes incorrect alignment?

Your vehicle's suspension system is constantly flexing when driving, and this alone will lead to changes to your wheels' alignment over time. Driving over potholes, curbs and other strenuous shocks, along with poorly paved or rough dirt roads, will also all degrade your vehicle's wheel alignment.

How can you tell when the wheels on your Acura might need aligning?

Some of the obvious signs of poorly aligned wheels include:curbs and other strenuous shocks, along with poorly paved or rough dirt roads, will also all degrade your vehicle's wheel alignment.

  • Uneven tread wear on one side of either front tire.
  • Your steering wheel not lining up straight when driving on a straight, flat road.
  • Your vehicle veering to one side on a straight, flat road when your hands are off the wheel.

However, the absence of any of these obvious signs is no guarantee that your wheels are properly aligned. Only a computerized alignment test will be able to determine that with precision.

For peace of mind, it is best to check your vehicle's wheel alignment every 6,000 miles or six months for vehicles driven on smooth roads. If your vehicle has been driven off-road, on rough or dirt roads, or suffered a severe shock, then more frequent wheel alignment maintenance may be warranted.

A Radley Acura, we can check the alignment of all four wheels to ensure each is parallel and lies flat on the road, and that the steering wheel is centered. We put the vehicle on an Acura approved jig, and use laser and position gauges to return the alignment of your wheels back to factory specifications.

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